Sumbawa Moyo Island Trip

Moyo Island promises some great beaches, a terrific waterfall and some spectacular snorkelling — and can deliver it to those with the money, or time, to visit. Moyo Island, at the mouth of Saleh Bay, has a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, wild boars and a great variety bird species. Visits are best made during the dry season from June through August.

A few kilometers of the north coast of Sumbawa, the national park island of Moyo Island is probably the most rewarding destination in Sumbawa, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and home to wild pig, monitor lizards, 21 species of bat, huge herds of native deer and hordes of crab-eating macaques. The best time to visit is in June and July, though the seas are clear and quiet from April.

There are basic private rooms at the PHPA post at Tanjung Pasir on the south coast, where most boats from the mainland arrive. Renting a fishing boat from Tanjung Pasir and going fifteen minutes east to Stama reeft is very rewarding, with lots of sharks and turtles. There’s nowhere on Moyo to rent masks and snorkels so bring our own; fins are advisable due to the strong currents.

To get to Moyo, take a bemo from beside Seketang Market in Sumbawa Besar to Air Bari, a small port settlement to the northeast. From Air Bari, we can charter a boat to Moyo.

Itinerary Sumbawa Moyo Island Trip

DAY 1 Lombok – Sumbawa Besar

Pick up from your hotel in Mataram or Senggigi in the morning, we will drive to Kayangan Harbor located at East Lombok, we will drive for 2 hours. Get on Slow Ferry and we will sail for about 1,5 hour. Arrive at Poto Tano Harbor our trip continue to Sumbawa Besar. The second biggest city in Sumbawa, Sumbawa Besar (often confusingly just referred to as Sumbawa) sits towards the west of the island, more or less below Moyo Island and the western extent of Saleh Bay. It’s home to Sumbawa’s second airport, with flight connections to Lombok and Bali. During our way we will makestop by for coffee break.

  • Check in hotel. Meals: lunch, dinner.
  • Dinner at local restaurant.
  • Back to hotel and rest.

DAY 2 Moyo Island – Mata Jitu Waterfall – Diu Umbay Waterfall

Breakfast at the hotel, get ready for Moyo Island. Arrive at the harbor, from here proceed to Labuan Aji village by speed boat around 1 hour. Arrive at Labuan Aji Village then we continue by scooter for about 30 minutes to one of Moyo’s waterfalls called Mata Jitu. One of the most beautiful waterfalls we have seen. A limestone, multi-terraced waterfall in a lush forested setting. Spend your time here for a while to enjoy the fresh air surrounding also a beautiful scenery, photo hunting and swimming. Back to Labuan Aji for lunch time with local and simple menu.

After lunch we will continue our trip by scooter for about 10 minutes to another waterfall called Diwu Mbai Waterfall. Back to Labuan Aji Village, we continue for snorkeling at Takat Sagale.

  • After Snorkeling we are back to Sumbawa besar by fast boat. Arrive at Hotel.
  • Dinner at local restaurant.
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

DAY 3 Sumbawa Besar – Lombok

Breakfast at the hotel, after that do the check out preparation. Before heading to Lombok we will have city tour in Sumbawa to visit Istana Dalam Loka (The Old Palace) which is built in 1885. The whole part of this palace are made from wood and it is recorded as the biggest wooden palace in the world. We will also visit traditional house in Pamulung village and also traditional market.

Inclusions Sumbawa Moyo Island Trip

  • AC Transport
  • Pick up and drop off
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Drinking Water
  • Coffee Break
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • Taxes
  • Entrance
  • Private Speed Boat
  • Scooter to Waterfall
  • Snorkeling Mask
  • Return Ferry ticket

Exclusions Sumbawa Moyo Island Trip

  • Personal Expenses
  • Tipping
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Non English Speaking Guide

Four Reason to Visit Sumbawa Moyo Island Trip

Moyo Island Hunting Park

Moyo Island area largely consists of preservation called Moyo Island Hunting Park. Established in 1986, the park is a sanctuary for various unique wildlife forms. You may see wild bovines, deer, and pigs roaming around in plains. Long-tailed macaques are also common mammals, which you may occasionally glimpse among the foliage. These macaques eat crabs and can break their shells with ease.

If you love birdwatching, Moyo Island Sumbawa is a great spot for the activity. The island is home to 86 species of birds, including two endangered species: Tanimbar megapode and yellow-headed parrot. Other notable animals include 21 species of bats, butterflies, and monitor lizards.

Beautiful Waterfalls

Moyo Island Sumbawa has several beautiful waterfalls. Mata Jitu Waterfall is perhaps the most famous one due to Princess Diana’s visit. The water falls into several stone “steps” before ending in a large pool. The clear, turquoise water creates an amazing view. The water debit is safe enough for travelers to swim and splash around.

Diwu M’bai Waterfall is less famous, but it looks just as beautiful. The waterfall is narrower than Mata Jitu, and the curtain is just 5 meters tall. However, the water curtain is surrounded by large trees, with one large tree standing right next to the curtain top. A rope hangs from the tree branch, and you can use it to jump into the pool below.

Pristine Beaches

Moyo Island beaches have pristine conditions, with crystal blue water that is warm all year round. Air Manis Beach has gravel-covered sand, but it is famous as a camping ground. If you don’t want to camp, just bring a hammock and tie them among the trees that line the beach. There are several low hills near the beach, which you can explore in a short trekking trip.

If you want white sand, go to Poto Jarum Beach. Situated in the preserved area, Poto Jarum Beach offers a pristine, almost untouched condition. The white beach is lined with amazing rock formations. You can also see healthy corals even in shallow water.

Snorkeling and Diving Spots

Do not miss the opportunity for Moyo Island snorkeling once you arrive! The island’s plentiful coral formations give it numerous snorkeling spots, with clear water that gives good underwater visuals for photos. The Stama reefs are especially rewarding, with sharks and turtles that are occasionally seen. Bring your snorkeling or diving equipment since there are no rentals on the island. Be cautious of strong underwater currents and bring fins to anticipate them.

Transportation can be a little challenging for travelers wanting to explore Moyo Island. Adventure Indonesia offers travel packages to Moyo Island Sumbawa for your convenience. Just enjoy the trip and savor the beauty of the island.

So you decided to be adventurous (again) and explore a secret destination like our beautiful Moyo Island. Good!
You will love Moyo’s untouched nature, the beautiful cascades, diving in the Flores Sea and, of course, the peace and quiet away from the thousands of tourists flooding the usual attractions in Indonesia.

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